We get it, auditions can be scary. But they don't have to be!

Tips and Tricks

How we Decide

Newcomers Welcome

It's never an easy task to decide who will play what role.

While it's true our directors look at an actors ability, they also look at their attitude as well their past experience. It's important to remember that if you aren't cast, or if you just aren't cast in the role you want, that it does not mean you are no good or that the director doesn't like you. 

It often just means you weren't right for that particular productions version of that particular role. 

Try again next time, the results may surprise you. 

Audition Dates Throughout our 2021 Season are as Follows
Radium Girls 
November 6,  7
10 Minute Play Fest
February 5, 6
Clue: The Musical 
January 8, 9

Hometown Heroes: Memories
March 19, 20
The Sound of Music
May 20, 21
High Strangeness
July 9, 10
Home for the Holidays
November 19, 20

For a description of the show or the audition process please contact us at ckctmad@gmail.com

- Arrive for the audition early or on time.
- Greet the director and other actors, show them you're friendly. 
-Remember everyone makes mistakes and it's ok to feel nervous.
-Reach out to the director ahead of the audition with any questions you might have about what the audition will consist of.
-Remember everyone at the audition wants you to do well and is rooting for you. Yes, even the other actors. 
-Relax, whether you get the lead role or not you're already a star just for being brave enough to try.