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Beth Marlowe, Education Director


With over 25 years of employment with the Danville School system under her belt Beth Marlowe is no stranger to  education. She's worked in various administrative and educational roles for both professional and community theaters. She has also worked as a coach for competitive speech and debate at the high school level, having many students go on to fair well at the national speech and debate associations national tournament (The largest academic competition in the world). She is excited to be with us here in Springfield educating and exploring theatre with such vibrant kids.   


Today's students, tomorrow's stars

Shooting STARS
Grades 1-5
Thursday 4:30-5:30
Students work with our education director, and each other, to grow in the arts and foster a sense of camaraderie and belonging. Students learn the foundation and building blocks all performers should know. Games, and hands on projects make for an engaging and educational class. Each semester will culminate in a class showcase were students can show off their growth and new found confidence. 


Grades 6-12
Thursday 5:30-6:30 
Students work with our education director to build confidence and foster an appreciation for theatre and the arts. Collaboration, empathy, creative problem solving, and time management are just a few of the life skills students will take away from their time with us. The best part? All this learning feels fun as students meet and interact with peers and play games as they work towards each semesters culminating showcase. 

Spring 2022 Semester 
Starting January 13th